Top 10 Camping Spots to Enjoy the Wilderness of Georgia

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Why you should visit Georgia after Covid-19
Why you should visit Georgia after Covid-19

C amping is an excellent method to connect with the landscape you’re travelling through in a way most tourists completely miss and Georgia is definitely an ideal playground for those who like a variety of camping adventures. It’s a great way to discover remote parts of our stunning landscapes and get close to nature. You know that moment when you wake up in the morning, open up your tent and you’re confronted with a scene that actually justifies the use of the word awesome? I love that ^^ I am lucky enough to live in a country of tons of amazing camping sites so that happens to me relatively often.

© Mariam Koshadze

©Irina Paichadze

In the country where you can camp at beautiful alpine lakes, panoramic viewpoints, at mountain rivers, in the flower fields or pine forest, at the edge of cliff /canyon, in the island of semi-island of lakes, even in an yellow fields of semi-desert, so you may argue which is the best, so I teamed up with Davit Berishvili, experienced traveler, tto present the best camping sites of Georgia which fits our taste best. Feel free to suggest another, or just dig into the picks below, find the one that inspires you most and start packing..

#1 – Lake Udziro, Racha

One of my favorite camping spots is in the region of Racha, at the shore of lake Udziro. Its a small field, with cold tasty mountain spring at the elevation of 2800 meters and with Katitsvera summit behind it. But you will want to set up tent exit to the side of majestic Caucasus mountains. In the morning from your tent you have wonderful views to the summits of 4–5 thousand meters — Tetnuldi, Shkhara and Ushba which are reflected in the lake.

© Green Zebra

© Green Zebra

#2 – Juta, Chaukhi

When was the last time you put your tent facing to the majestic mountains and you felt like being submersed in the wilds of nature? — Whether you’re backpacking through the hills with lightweight tents or looking for a place for your campervan, be sure, that campsite in Juta will suit all your needs. The site doesn’t have any designated pitches, just rock up and find your corner of tranquility. Once you’ve settled in, you can get out and explore the surroundings, there are equally pleasant walks to be done around. Plus, if you don’t have camping gear, you can always get it at Zeta camping to experience the magic of 5 million stars hotel for just 17 gel (~$7).
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© Koba Petriashvili

#3 – Tobavarchkhili Lake (Silver Lake)

After enjoying peace and quiet in the tranquility of nature’s grand surroundings, admiring amazing alpine landscapes painted by mystic fog flying over the mountain ranges, waterfalls, canyons, glaciers, dipping your toes into the lake, crack a beer and enjoying amusing legends told by shepherd’s. This is what camping at Tobavarchkhili lakes are about.

© Koba Petriashvili

© Roman Tolordava

#4 – Shatili, Khevsureti

Shatili is a classical and popular camping spot. You can hear noisy Arghuni river flowing down to Chechnya, feel the morning cold and when you wake up and open a tent you see this mysterious medieval towers surrounded by huge green mountains. The diversity of the scenery will amaze any traveller


#5 – Khvamli

Khvamli, also known as Khomli, is located in Lechkhumi. According to the old, ancient sources, Khvamli — is considered as the mystic place of trip of the legendary Greek heroes, Argonauts and the Heracles. It was even favorite camping spot for Prometheus, who was later chained to this mountain by Zeus for stealing fire which is essential for enjoyable camping adventure, so why not follow their footsteps? =)))
Campsite is at the top of mountain, at the border of forest and alpine zone, 15 min walk from unbelievable views to west Georgia lowlands and Caucasus mountain range perfectly visible in a clear morning sky.


#6 – Mkheri, Svaneti

If you want camp at the most panoramic place of Caucasus, have a view towards Europe’s most fabled villages of Svaneti, to observe sunrise over the giants of Main Caucasus Range — Ushba, Shkhara, Tetnuldi, Elbrus — the great wall of summits, to have Lahili glacier just in front of you, to enjoy white flowers of blossoming rhododendrons, to touch the heaven at Europe’s highest holy place with a church at 2500m, to ride the horses to the unbelievably spectacular glacier Lahili, we can’t recommend not to set up a tent here. You could easily put camping over Mkheri in the bucket list — things to do in life before you die=)


#7 – Khde Gorge

Have you ever been woken very early in the morning and seen how the waves of fog appear to engulf a sleepy hollow? — Definitely you should. Wild and untouched nature, craziest river, stunningly beautiful view to Mt.Kazbeg, the whole Stepatsminda and surrounding mountains from a very different angle any photographer can only dream of, from the cliff where mountain goats stand where anyone afraid of heights is strictly forbidden to pass. The only suggestion is to be well prepared when you travel into as wild and “dangerous” areas as the Khde gorge is, you should know exactly what you are getting yourself into and take the highest precautions.


#8 – Gomi Mountain, Guria

Gomis Mta resort in Guria is ideal for those who want to camp above the clouds or in the sky. You can shoot milky way, enjoy how the sun goes down in the clouds or if its good weather in the lowlands you can look down the settlements as if you were sitting in the airplane, you can even shoot milky way in a clear weather if you are not a photographer or just enjoy the sky crowded by thousands of stars.

© Giorgi Chinchaladze


#9 – Nunisi / Borjom-Kharagauli National Park

You might have camped everywhere — mountain tops, with a views to summits, at alpine lakes, but there is a place where you will go back again and again. Located in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, camping spot near resort Nunisi can be the best place for relaxation, to enjoy all the sounds of nature. Right in the middle of the forest there is very small flat beautiful field which can hold up to 5 tents, water streams both sides, tasty mountain spring as a rule, fireplace, pine forest, flowers..

© Lasha Margalitadze

#10 – Kakhisi Lake

Summer settlement of small cute wooden houses, the land of pine forests and beautiful panoramas — Dabadzveli village and Kakhisi Lake near the village with many perfect spots for camping around it, one side — wider green field, another perfect for swimming in its cold water where as a legend says Russian women used to rest during soviet times when cable cars, currently abandoned, worked, another with darker forest and abundant bushes of berries, spots of barbecue where locals love to make fire and drink vodka in cold Borjomi nights, what else you may dream of?

Davit K.

Prepare yourself for Georgia, whichever trail you take and pitch your tent, can be overwhelming^^ difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination ^^