Tbilisi Public Transport and Cable Car

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Tbilisi Public Transport and Cable Car


The buses travel around the entire city and cost 50 Tetri (20 cents). You can buy a ticket at the ticket machine in the bus or pay by “Metromoney”. The ticket machine doesn’t give change so the fare should be paid exactly. Buses run at fixed times from 7am till 12pm. Early in the morning and in the evening they run infrequently. Buses stop at specified bus stops. If you want to find map of bus routes, like Journey Planner, Timetables, Bus in Realtime and Stop Board Info, then you should to visit official website:



Tbilisi Underground, called the Metro for “Metropolitan”, has two lines and 21 stations. It operates from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The cost is set at 50 Tetri (20 cents). Metro tokens can only be purchased inside the metro station from cashiers’. Metro stations are identified by the red (M) sign.

What is a “Metromoney” card?

“Metromoney” card is a universal mean for payment in municipal transport (metro, bus) and while traveling by Rike-Narikala ropeway. Owners of “Metromoney” cards are benefited automatically with discount system in municipal transport (metro, bus); they are also offered to pay fare in microbuses of Tbilisi via these cards.

Where is it possible to purchase “Metromoney”, fill balance and check left-over?

Purchase of “Metromoney” card is possible to any payment office of metro stations and Rike-Narikala wire rope. Cost of card is 2 Lari. Card is not personal; accordingly, no document to be submitted is required to take card. Deposit of amount on card is possible:

  • in any metro station,
  • both stations of Rike-Narikala wire rope;
  • express payment machines of “Bank of Georgia” and service-centers;

Sight of left-over on card is possible in metro stations by crossing automatic control unit, on bus ticket and in payment offices of stations (both metro and wire rope). Single fare of municipal transport (metro, bus) amounts to 50 Tetri.

Is there any possibility to return “Metromoney”?

Return of card is possible within one month. In case of submission of receipt of payment office issued during purchase of card, 2 Lari is repaid to its owner.

What to do in case of damage and loss of “Metromoney”?

If you will damage card (except mechanical damage- bending, folding of card and also other damage that is caused by wrong usage of card), you are allowed to apply to problematic card center in metro stations “Avlabari” and “Medical University”, where card is changed with a new one free of charge. To change damage card by owner, cost of card-2 Lari is to be paid again by owner.

In case of loss of “Metromoney”, owner should state at problematic card center and submit receipt issued during purchase of card, number of lost card is automatically appeared in the list of blocked cards. In case of loss and damage of card, transfer of balance to a new card is possible only after purchase of initial card.


“Metromoney” card automatically enables you to use discount system which gives opportunity to save money everyday.
Each passenger who uses “Metromoney” card while travelling by the public transport in order to pay the ticket fare is given a chance to pay 50 Tetri for the first – time travel and for next hour and a half he/she can travel by bus and metro, or during changing the other transport with free of charge. Besides the above mentioned discount, Q fare and free tariffs for the people bearing various social statuses are available in all municipal transports.

Tbilisi Public Transport and Cable Car


If you’d like to travel by minibuses you can catch it basically at any spot, as the minibuses have no fixed stops. The same principle works during the journey. The passenger may ask the driver to drop him/her off at any place on the bus route he/she desires. Mini-buses usually cost 80 Tetri (35 cents). They run from 7am to 12pm.



Tbilisi Public Transport and Cable Car

Regular buses stop at the bus station in front of the Arrival hall, Municipality Bus  #37 or #137 (BLUE COLOR) serves and transfers passengers from Tbilisi International Airport  to the Freedom Square and after Station Square. It’s a cheapest transportation and one way cost 0.50 GEL. Bus doesn’t provide door to door delivery service. However after using that bus you can get to the city center and then change to another public bus and reach any desirable destination. Working 24:00 Hours


Taxi service at Tbilisi International Airport is available outside the terminal, just at the curbside of the Arrival Hall and provides 24 hour service to the passengers. The journey time to the city center takes 20-30 minutes dependent on traffic. Taxi fee is 25-30 GEL from the airport to the city center.


Tariff for travelling by ropeway of Rike-Narikala
Cost of travelling in one direction is 2 Lari. Travelling by ropeway is possible only under usage of “Metromoney” card. In case of not having a card you are able to purchase it in payment offices of wire rope. Cost of card is 2 Lari. Discount system does not apply to travelling by ropeway, however, all those categories having preferential tariffs in municipal transport, are benefited automatically with special preferences in this transport…

Tbilisi Public Transport and Cable Car


The ride up Mt Mtatsminda on the recently reconstructed Funicular is spectacular, as are the views from the top – and the Funicular Complex restaurant building has a couple of great places to eat or drink. There is a big amusement park for kids and adults, bars, cafes, night club, TV tower and spectacular views over the Tbilisi from 710 meter high mountain.
To ride the funicular you need a 3 GEL plastic card (sold at the ticket office) on which you then add credit for your rides (and any rides in the Mtatsminda amusement park). The funicular cliff train price is 6 GEL.

Tbilisi Public Transport and Cable Car