Why you should visit Georgia after Covid-19

Why you should visit Georgia after Covid-19  – Corona virus outbreak has affected everyone and everything. Even though, it taught us a great lesson – not to take little things for granted and to appreciate and respect each other – it just caused huge discomfort […]

Top 10 Camping Spots to Enjoy the Wilderness of Georgia

amping is an excellent method to connect with the landscape you’re travelling through in a way most tourists completely miss and Georgia is definitely an ideal playground for those who like a variety of camping adventures. It’s a great way to discover remote parts of […]

Tbilisi street market walk – explore local treasure!

ich in both history and flavor, Georgian cuisine is one of the most exotic in the world and the food is mostly homegrown and organic, cultivated by small-scale farmers and delivered daily to the bustling markets and souks around the country. Unlike every other tour […]

Vardzia – The Mysteries Ancient Cave City

Here we will tell you story about Vardzia and as well 3 different options to visit that place. One of the must see place in Georgia after Tbilisi is Vardzia. The cave city impressing visitors by its mysteries and grandiosity. “It is a miracle, it […]

9 Ways to Get Excited for Your Trip to Svaneti

Svaneti — the Land of Glaciers and myths, awe-inspiring landscapes, dazzling views, glimpses of wildlife and the majestic Mountains! Around 175 towers, most originally built between 9th and 13th centuries, survive in Svaneti today. Here we rounded up 9 reasons why you should discover Svaneti, […]

12 Beautiful Hidden Buildings in Tbilisi

12 Beautiful Hidden Buildings in Tbilisi – Once, and we believe, it will be very soon, when you will visit Tbilisi and walk around Old Town to see main attractions (You can join our Old Tbilisi Free Tour), don’t forget about hidden gems of Tbilisi, […]

How Tbilisian yards work

Whenever I ask someone what they love about Georgia, they always start with cuisine, for obvious reasons, and then they say people. It has been like a mystery to me. Why are Georgian people different from others, what makes us so different? And some thinking […]

Welcome To Sakartvelo (Georgia)

As a guide, I also love to travel and explore the world, which is rich with wonders of nature, diversity of culture and full of mysterious questions. While traveling, I always meet curious people that ask me about my country and almost every time when […]


Small heaven in the Krikhi, Ambrolauri, Georgia! Here you will find peace and beauty of nature, all around year! Place located just 5 minutes’ drive and 30 minutes on foot from Ambrolauri center, the location offers you the opportunity to wake up in a bubble […]

Tbilisi Public Transport and Cable Car

Tbilisi Public Transport and Cable Car CITY BUSES The buses travel around the entire city and cost 50 Tetri (20 cents). You can buy a ticket at the ticket machine in the bus or pay by “Metromoney”. The ticket machine doesn’t give change so the […]