10 Places to Visit in the New and Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi Free Online Tours – Sulfur Baths
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15 Culinary Gems of Georgia: A Must-Try Adventure for Foodies
Tbilisi Free Online Tours – Sulfur Baths
15 Culinary Gems of Georgia
15 Culinary Gems of Georgia: A Must-Try Adventure for Foodies

10 Places to Visit in the New and Old Tbilisi

1. Tbilisi Sea – If you are planning visit Tbilisi in the Summer or early Autumn, then don’t forget look for “Tbilisi Sea”. There you can swim, water is clean and blue. If you don’t want to swim in the sea, then near of it, you will find open and also close swimming pool with a water attractions and spa “Gino Paradise” or “Tbilisi Sea Club“. Also close to the “Tbilisi Sea” located, one of the impressive monument “The Chronicle of Georgia“. From the city center, you can take metro to the Sarajishvili station and after take mini bus (marshutka) to “Tbilisi Sea“. Otherwise use one of the Taxi application.

2. Open Air Museum of Ethnography – One of the interesting open air museum. It is located in the Vake neighborhood. Very unique place to see all of the Georgian regions traditional houses in the one place. From the city center, take bus 61 to the “Kustba” Cable car station, it is near “Vake Park”, then you can take cable car up to the “Kustba” (turtle lake), from lake you need to walk down about 5 minutes and there you will find entrance of the museum.

3. Fabrika – Great space for hanging out and have a fun, also participate different types of events! Everything in one place: Bars, clubs, hostel, street art, shops, barber shop, social hub, exhibitions and so on. Almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, here you’ll find lots of local hipsters and not only them, they are gathering and having fun till late night.

4. Dry Bridge flea market – It is very old market, where you can find many interesting items, start from soviet times end of with new magnets and Keychains. Flea market working everyday, from 11AM to 6PM. Because it is open air market, before you will go there, check weather and consider to spend 3-4 hours for looking around, negotiation and having a fun.

5. Mtatsminda Park – Park located not far away from the Old Town. It is highest point of Tbilisi. There you can find entertainment Park with lot’s of attraction, as well beautiful landscape view of the Tbilisi. To get there, we recommend use Funicular Tram. Also if you want to enjoy view of the city, be there around sunset time. For Funicular tram you need plastic card, which one you can buy at the place, in the Ticket box office, more details you can find Here.

6. Botanical Garden – This place located above of the Old Town and we highly recommend to visit it, doesn’t matter which season, but would be better spring, summer or autumn. There you can find unique and beautiful trees, flowers and waterfall. Botanical Garden very close to the city, but feels like you are in wild nature. To get in the garden, you can use cable car, which is located in the Rike park, or you can walk up from sulfur bath area.

7. Wine Factory #1 – Big space, here you can find many different type of bars and restaurants, start from the Georgian cuisine, end with Mexican. Price range are different. Here mostly local people and always busy, but really cool place! We recommend visit this place Friday, Saturday or Sunday to have a maximum fun! Nowadays Wine Factory is a whole complex of establishments where everyone can find something to their liking: restaurants, bars, showrooms, art studios and even a cooking school.

List of restaurants, bars, showrooms:

  • CULINARIUM Cooking School
  • WINE FACTORY #1 Wine Bazaar & Black Monk Bar
  • 2WINE
  • MITO

  • PОМА
  • 12 BAR


8. Museum of illusions and Holoseum – Both of the place located in the same building. It is fantastic place to spend half of the day. The Museum of illusion is fun and entertaining, Holoseum is more interesting and unique place, where you can explore famous Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani, his paintings, but more interactive way. You can find more information HERE and HERE

9. Red Bridge and Street art – “Maglivi” is a place where you will find very interesting Red Bridge, Looks like San-Francisco’s “Golden Gate Bridge” but small version 🙂 . It is surrounded with the university buildings. Walls of those buildings are freshly painted. If you are big lover of street art and graffiti, you will love this colorful paintings. As well here, you will find interesting soviet buildings.

10. Stalin’s illegal printing room – This place is located in Avlabari neighborhood and it is only possible to visit with the guide, because of it, we recommend to take our Soviet Union tour and visit it, also listening history about Stalin, our dark 90’s and so on. Check out more details HERE.

10 Place to Visit in the New and Old Tbilisi